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  • Technical analysis. Trading in ranges

    What if there's no uptrend or downtrend at the market? How to make money in a sideways market? FBS analyst Elizabeth Belugina will show you how to trade in ranges.

  • Trading skills. The most common traders’ mistakes

    Find out which things you should avoid in trading and start getting more profit from your trades!

  • Fundamental analysis. Understanding economy.

    Checking the economic calendar, have you ever thought why after a release of one event, the market jumps and after a release of another one, it stays calm? Do you know why economic events affect market moves at all? 

    FBS analyst Darya Bobrova will tell you about the most significant economic events that drive markets and will give you clues on how to use them in your favor!

  • Forex for beginners. Part 1

    Get everything you need for a start of your trading career for free! FBS analyst Elizabeth Belugina will explain the basics. You will learn what is Forex and how to trade different currencies. You will discover the terms and definitions every trader should know.

  • Forex for beginners. Part 2

    This is the second part of your introduction to Forex trading. Find out how to use MetaTrader to buy and sell currencies. You will open your first trade and discover what to do next.

  • Technical analysis. How to trade breakouts

    When a price breaks an important technical level, a very big movement may follow. If a trader manages to open a trade during this movement, he/she will get a lot of profit. However, there can be false breakouts that can trap traders into losses. Find out how to distinguish a real breakout from the false one and make money on it!

  • Trading skills. Position size management

    How to choose the volume of a trade? FBS analyst Elizabeth Belugina will explain how to manage the sizes of your positions in order to limit risks and maximize profit.

  • Technical analysis. Carry trade strategy.

    We are sure you know a lot about technical trading strategies. But we want to remind you that there is another important part of trading. It’s fundamental analysis. If there is fundamental analysis, there should be fundamental trading strategies too. Let’s consider the most common and one of the simplest strategies – carry trade strategy. FBS analyst Darya Bobrova will tell you how to use a difference in interest rates in a long-term trading.

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